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Cashnaflash is an asset exchange store, which opperates much like a pawnshop, and is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Like a pawnshop, cash is paid for used items and a 30 day buy back plan can be arranged. Like many pawnshops we buy used or broken jewelry, silver, gold, diamonds, and offer a fine selection of jewelry on our sales floor. Used electronics such as computers, tvs, game consoles, stereos are all money worthy items as far as Cashnaflash is concerned.If you think it's valuable talk to us and we may be able to put some money in your pocket today.

Unlike your traditional pawnshop,Cashnaflash offers new merchandise with a warranty. We can order a wide variety of amps, speakers or any car audio accessory with items in stock already. If you want a deal on some fine merchandise without spending too much money, Cashnaflash is the place to go. Cashnaflash offers quality used items which will help your money do more for you. Even if your not sure what you want or need, come to Cashnaflash anyways because you might find something you never knew you needed. If you are thinking of a pawnshop, maybe your really thinking Cashnaflash. If you were smart you would!